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Competition Teams

Our competitive dancers range from ages 6 to 19, as well as our adult competition team. In addition to local performances throughout the year, our competition teams compete in three to four local and out of state competitions yearly. Dancers for each team will take a variety of classes in order to give them all the skills and practice needed for a well rounded dance repertoire. Classes dancers will take include a combination of Jazz, Hip Hop with Breakdance, Lyrical & Contemporary, Stretch & Technique, Tap Fundamentals, and Acro Flips and Tricks, as well as a weekly team rehearsal hour. Competition teams are by audition only and require at least 1 year of competitive dance experience; however, exceptions may be made for the younger dancers to include one year of any prior non-competitive experience. Auditions for our teams are held twice yearly. Contact Tawnya for more information at See our teams below!





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